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Our Veterinary Services


Because we work as a team with you to ensure your pets get healthy and stay healthy, the doctors and technicians stay in close contact with families during a pet’s illness. We call frequently to make sure we answer any questions you may have and return calls the same day should we not be able to immediately speak with you. We always welcome your questions because we know that your involvement in maintaining your pet’s health is vital! We work together to ensure your dog or cat is happy and healthy. We are here for you both!

Easy Scheduling

We open at 7:30am to help those families who need appointments before regular work hours begin. We also stay open until 5:30pm for those families who need to come after regular work hours. We are also open 8am – Noon on Saturday and have no restrictions on who can visit us on Saturday.

Dental Care and Cleaning

Good oral health is vital to maintaining overall health. We can gladly share with you ways to keep your pet’s mouth clean and happy. In the event your pet does need a dental cleaning.

Wellness Care

We gladly offer Puppy and Kitten plans to ensure your new friend gets off to the best health start possible. Our plans include all core vaccines, fecal analysis, heartworm prevention (for puppies), FELV/FIV test (for kittens) microchipping and a $50.00 discount on his/her neuter/spay.

General and Specialty Surgery

Dr. Schmidt has a special interest in surgery and excels in spays, neuter, lump removals, intestinal foreign body removals. We are fortunate in that we have a great relationship with a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon who can come to our hospital to perform specialty level surgeries.

Specialty Anesthesia

LifeCare Animal Hospital is also proud to offer the services of Dr. Victoria Lukasik, DACVA, to provide specialty level anesthesia for patients with complicating health factors.

Internal Medicine

Drs. Glenn and Schmidt are experienced in managing patients with diabetes, Valley Fever, adrenal diseases and other serious internal medicine conditions. Because providing the best care possible is a team effort between families and the veterinary health care team, we stay in close contact with families to ensure that treatments are going as expected. We dedicate time to meet with you to answer all of the questions you have. We set up times to meet with families to demonstrate and teach how to properly and safely do appropriate home-treatments. We also have a close working relationship with an Internal Medicine Specialist in Gilbert should a patient’s care require that level of treatment.

Full In-House Laboratory

Because we want your pet feeling great as soon as possible, we have a full in-house laboratory that is able to provide results for red blood cell levels, white blood cell levels, kidney function, liver enzymes, pancreatic enzymes and electrolytes. By having these results quickly available, we can start appropriate and tailored treatment for your pet that same day!


We are able to do in-house radiographs (x-rays) for your pets and provide to you same day copies of those radiographs on your own CD. We also have the option for a Board Certified Radiologist to review your pets radiographs and provide a detailed report for your pet.

Emergency Medicine

While we want all pets to remain safe and healthy, occasionally the need for emergency care arises. Dr. Glenn has a special interest in emergency medicine and critical care. LifeCare Animal Hospital is equipped to deal with daytime emergency situations such as poisonings, trouble breathing, bleeding and trauma.

Payment Plans

Because we want our patients to be able to get the help they need in emergency situations, we work with CareCredit to allow our clients who need it to make payments for their pets’ care. We offer a program through CareCredit where families can make interest-free payments for six months!