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About Us

drgandpupDr. Barbe Glenn and Dr. Jamie Schmidt each received their Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Kansas State University. Dr. Schmidt worked at a daytime practice in Tempe while Dr. Glenn worked as an emergency veterinarian in Tucson, Arizona. Drs. Glenn and Schmidt opened LifeCare Animal Hospital in May 2007 after working together in Tempe and discovering how their practice styles blended to fully support their patients. Dr. Glenn has a passion for emergency medicine and internal medicine situations. Dr. Schmidt excels at wellness care and surgery.

20160109_114928Our commitment to offering the best care possible is reflected in the fact that over fifty percent of our technical staff earned their Certified Veterinary Technician licenses. We know that maximizing the quality care we provide for your pet is a team effort. Each team member has the responsibility and knowledge to make your time at our hospital informative, compassionate and efficient. You are valued. Your time is valued and we know that you have many options in deciding who best can help your four-legged family member. Thank you for choosing LifeCare Animal Hospital!